10 simple things to incorporate into your way of being...

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  1. Evolve.
    An evolution of mind is essential to bring about a change in life experience. Einstein certainly understood this principal when he stated, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.”
  2. Rise.
    Don‘t allow yourself to get caught in the small or become concerned with insignificant things such as gossip, negativity, the opinions of others. Practice moving beyond the mundane to the profound.
  3. Use the Force.
    Learn to see the sublime order to life and know that there is a deeper purpose and meaning to all things including your self.
  4. Live in time present.
    Redeem the mind and its habitual movement towards past and future with a fascination with all that is unfolding in the present.
  5. Perspective.
    All problems are a creation of the mind. What one person declares as a disaster, another would call the opportunity of a lifetime.
  6. Go Within daily.
    Meditate - Make the meditative state available to your mind even in the midst of busy daily activity. Enlightenment awaits.
  7. Embrace the Unknown.
    See the future not as a place to be fearful of but rather a realm of opportunity and magic.
  8. Believe.
    Think for a moment what you would do if you lived in a world where absolutely anything was possible. The good news is this world is infinite and pregnant what possibility all that is lacking is belief.
  9. Adapt to Change.
    Rather then allowing yourself to become rigid and opposed to natural forces make it your daily practice to adapt to change and become more like water - flowing with what is, and never losing your integrity.
  10. Play.
    Above all maintain a sense of humor. life was not meant to be suffering and misery, it only becomes that way when we lose our sense of play.



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